Monday, October 24, 2011

Pathfinder Web Fiction

Face it, you've seen that cute cat video so often its every frame is burned into your retina. Take a break and check out some of the nearly two score Pathfinder Tales stories available online.

Here you'll find some terrific fiction by Elaine Cunningham, Robin D. Laws, Howard Andrew Jones, Ed Greenwood, Amber E. Scott, Liane Merciel, Richard Ford, Robert E. Vardeman, Richard Lee Byers, Erik Mona, Monte Cook, Bill Ward, J.C. Hay, Kevin Andrew Murphy, James L. Sutter, and yours truly.

Reading those stories is free, although you can buy an ePub copy if you'd like to add some of them to your personal library. If you enjoy a story, the best way to support the line and the author is with a review. Even if you have read only the free version, please consider posting a rave on one of these product review pages.

If it's all the same to you, I suggest starting with those stories that have not yet received a review. And if you've a few more minutes of free time, please consider cross-posting a link to your review to spread the word.

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