Friday, February 15, 2013

Bite Me! Kickstarter

Christina Stiles kindly (?) added a $5 pledge level to receive just the short story I'll write for Bite Me! The Gaming Guide to Lycanthropes. I don't recommend you pledge at that level, however, because for $10 you can have the whole book, including my story, in PDF format. That's a pretty great deal.

Take a peek at their Kickstarter and consider throwing a sawbuck their way. I'm a part of it if they hit their minimum goal, but at $7,000 they'll include interior illustrations by my former TSR compatriot Jennell Jaquays. I'm also super excited at the prospect of miniatures when they hit the $11,700 stretch goal.

Go check it out.

Friday, February 1, 2013

My Werewolf Problem

Several months ago I put my foot down and said I'd accept no new work until I'd cleared my desk, which now looks like it'll happen in May. Twice I've failed in my resolve, both times for short projects that I don't have to start until I'm clear of my big deadlines.  One of those projects made me cave because it was short and included one of my magic words: werewolf.

My first "fandom" was Universal Horror monsters. At the time, Larry Talbot was my anti-hero, and even after I realized that The Bride of Frankenstein was by far the best film of that era, werewolves remained my favorite classic monster. They've worked their way into a number of my novels, most recently Prince of Wolves (2010). So Christina Stiles got a "Hell, yes" rather than the "No, I couldn't possibly" that I'd intended.

Christina and Dawson Kriska are Kickstarting Bite Me!, a Pathfinder RPG Guide to Lycanthropes. Along with some of my fellow TSR survivors Sean Reynolds, Wolfgang Baur, and Jennell Jaquays, I'll make a contribution to the book. Mine will be a story. It might involve werewolves. There might be biting.

Launched at midnight, the project has already hit 1/6 of its goal and has another 29 days to go. I'd love to see them hit the 50% mark today and start announcing their stretch goals early next week. The miniatures stretch goal is the one I'm most excited to see them hit.

Please help Christina and Dawson make that happen.