Monday, August 13, 2012

Dave's Schedule for Gen Con 2012

Art by Eric Belisle,©Paizo Publishing, LLC®. 

If you're attending Gen Con, here's a map for tracking me down, which you're totally allowed to do if it's to a) have me sign a book; b) chat about Pathfinder Tales, Baldur's Gate: Expanded Edition, or one of my other projects; or b) buy me a drink.

9 a.m.
Descriptive Descriptions (Room 245): Bring your writing to life with vivid descriptions that capture the imagination of your readers. Learn when to provide two pages of rich detail and when to limit it to two lines. Discover techniques that let you stay succinct by drawing on what your reader knows, without leaving holes in your descriptions. Panelists: Richard Lee Byers, Maxwell A. Drake, and Dave Gross

10 a.m.
Being (In)human (Room 245): From talking rats to green-skinned monsters, discover ways to make your inhuman characters resonate with the reader. Our panelists discuss how to make the reader care about your monster without making it any less monstrous, ways to make inhuman heroes more than just people with fur, and tricks for getting the reader to root for your creature characters. Panelists: Dave Gross, Richard Lee Byers, and Elizabeth Vaughan

2 p.m.
The Skinny on Short Fiction (Room 245): Learn to write amazing short fiction! From tips for structuring stories so they fit into a compact package to methods for plunging readers straight into the heart of your tale, our panelists offer tricks of the trade that will make you a short story master! Panelists: Kerrie Hughes, Paul Genesse, and Dave Gross

8 a.m.
This Means War! (Room 245): You’ve armed your heroes to the teeth, your villains have sharpened their swords, and the armies of light and darkness are arrayed on the field of battle! Um, now what? Our panelists discuss techniques for bringing war to the pages of your story. Learn how to craft epic battles that will blow reader away while keeping the focus on the characters. Panelists: Richard Lee Byers, Dave Gross, and Erik Scott de Bie

Pathfinder Author Summit: Paizo's Fiction Editor James Sutter (Death's Heretic) leads a panel of Pathfinder Tales authors as they discuss their novels, characters, and their process as professional authors. Guests include Dave Gross (Prince of Wolves, Master of Devils, Queen of Thorns), Robin Laws (The Worldwound Gambit, Blood of the City), and Howard Andrew Jones (Plague of Shadows).

1 p.m.
Signing @ Paizo Booth #203: Bring your copy of Prince of Wolves, Master of Devils, Winter Witch, or anything else to which Dave has contributed, and he'll deface it with a pen.

3 p.m.
Advanced Worldbuilding Workshop (Room 244): In this advanced writing workshop, learn expert techniques for building a world for your story. Limited to just 8 attendees, it’s a chance to get personal assistance from our panelists. Dig into topics we seldom have time for in our public panels, and get personalized help with your trickiest world-building challenges! Panelists: Dave Gross and Richard Lee Byers

5 p.m.
Reading (Room 244): You’ve listened to their advice, now come listen to their works. For one hour Dave Gross and Donald J. Bingle will transport you with their magical prose. Panelists: Dave Gross and Donald J. Bingle

8 a.m.
Dragons and Dwarves and Elves, Oh My!—Fantasy Tropes (Room 245): We love fantasy, but it’s a challenge to write in a genre so steeped in clichés. Are you giving your reader what they want when you fill your tales with elves, dragons, and dwarves? Or does it show a lack of originality? Our panelists discuss when to embrace the clichés of fantasy fiction and when to run from them. Panelists: Dave Gross, Maxwell A. Drake, and Erik Scott de Bie

9 a.m.
Breaking into the RPG Fiction Market (Room 245): Most of our favorite games publish stories set in their worlds, but how can you get your own game-related stories published? Our panelists offer expert advice on breaking into the RPG fiction market. Hear the highs and lows of writing game-related fiction, learn about the business side of writing for games, and discover the best ways to get your foot in the door. Panelists: Richard Lee Byers, Dave Gross, Erik Scott de Bie, and James Sutter

10 a.m.
Don’t Let Them Hear the Dice Roll—Writing RPG Fiction (Room 245): Writing fiction for RPGs can be a tricky business. How do you capture the spirit of the game without getting hemmed in by it? What are the rules for playing in a shared world? And how do you write for worlds with decades of real-world history and still get it right? Our panel of veteran game related fiction authors have the answers! Panelists: Dave Gross, Richard Lee Byers, Erik Scott de Bie, and James Sutter

1 p.m.
Passing the Torch—Writing in Another Author’s Voice (Room 244): Every author has her own voice, but what happens when you’re supposed to write in someone else’s? From ghost writing to co-authoring to inheriting an existing series, authors often have to write to match another writer’s style. Learn how to stay true to your own muse while matching the voice of another author. Panelists: Matt Forbeck, Dave Gross, and John Helfers

3 p.m.
Signing (Paizo Booth #203): Bring your copy of Prince of Wolves, Master of Devils, Winter Witch, or anything else to which Dave has contributed, and he'll deface it with a pen.

11:00 a.m.
Signing (Pelgrane Press Booth #1427): A group autograph session for The New Hero and Shotguns v. Cthulhu. Dave has a story in the latter anthology.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

When Words Collide

Cover art by Mathias Kollros.
Next weekend I'll visit the When Words Collide convention in Calgary.

On Friday I'll participate in two panels, "Humor in Fiction" at 6:00 pm and "Always the Bad Guy" (moderating) at 9:00 pm.

On Saturday I'm moderating the "Genre VS Setting" panel at 1:00 pm, then possibly participating in one of those terrifying Slush Pile readings at 9:00 pm.

On Sunday at 11:00 am I'll read a bit from this October's Pathfinder Tales release, Queen of Thorns

All of this will be my dress rehearsal for a much more demanding schedule at the following weekend's Gen Con Game Fair. Will I see some of you in Calgary?