Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Edmonton Signing: Master of Devils

This Saturday at Audrey's Books, I'm reading from Master of Devils and signing both that book, Winter Witch (Elaine says hi!), and Prince of Wolves. Come join us. If you make a good impression, you can join us for a pint afterward.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Pathfinder Tales Live chat

One week from tonight, on September 26, join the first five Pathfinder Tales novelists for a live chat. It all begins at 6:00 pm Pacific Time (9:00 pm Eastern).

Elaine Cunningham (Winter Witch), Dave Gross (Prince of Wolves, Master of Devils), Howard Andrew Jones (Plague of Shadows), Robin D. Laws (The Worldwound Gambit), and James Sutter (Death's Heretic) will entertain your questions and discuss the pleasures and perils of writing shared-world fiction.

Point your browser to and choose a nickname. Then type /join PFTales to join the event.