Saturday, August 4, 2012

When Words Collide

Cover art by Mathias Kollros.
Next weekend I'll visit the When Words Collide convention in Calgary.

On Friday I'll participate in two panels, "Humor in Fiction" at 6:00 pm and "Always the Bad Guy" (moderating) at 9:00 pm.

On Saturday I'm moderating the "Genre VS Setting" panel at 1:00 pm, then possibly participating in one of those terrifying Slush Pile readings at 9:00 pm.

On Sunday at 11:00 am I'll read a bit from this October's Pathfinder Tales release, Queen of Thorns

All of this will be my dress rehearsal for a much more demanding schedule at the following weekend's Gen Con Game Fair. Will I see some of you in Calgary?


  1. Okay, but only until my voice gives out.

    Chapter One
    The Midsummer Masquerade

    The slap lifted Radovan off his feet and knocked the mask from his face. He crashed through a table, scattering morsels of candied fruit across the dance floor. The music stopped, and every elf in the plaza turned to watch.

    Arnisant growled. I touched the wolfhound’s
    shoulder and felt his muscles tense. He wanted the sign to defend Radovan. I showed him my palm. Stay.