Monday, October 24, 2011

More Writing, Less Blogging

I like to think it's a sign of great discipline that I haven't blogged so much since August, when I put my shoulder into finishing a few short projects and promoting Master of Devils. That's not quite over, with a pair of readings and a convention just around the corner, but with a couple of short stories and two longer projects in the works, I doubt that I'll be returning to weekly movie recommendations. I will try, however, to put up one or two in the month of November.

That said, I hope to post something, even briefly, once a week. In the meantime, I'm taking inspiration from fellow Alliterate Matt Forbeck's completely mad 12 for 12 project.

While producing the equivalent of six full-length novels in a year is too daunting for me, I was surprised to realize I'd written about three novels' worth of fiction last year. Thus, for the year beginning November 1, I'll shoot for a relatively modest 400,000 words of fiction. Unlike the fearless Matt Forbeck, I won't track my progress with an event; however, I'll likely post an occasional update here to keep myself honest over the next twelve months.

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