Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gen Con 2013 Writers' Symposium Schedule

Here's my Writers' Symposium schedule for Gen Con 2013. I'll add additional events as they're confirmed, but you can expect to see me signing at the Paizo and Privateer exhibits. 

The rest of the time you can probably find me schmoozing or trying out games in the Exhibit Hall, or else hanging out at the Omni lounge, assuming the good bartender is on duty.

08:00                                       Writing 101 (Room 1)
13:00                                       Ancient & Medieval Combat (Room 2)

12:00                                       Government & the Rule of Law (Room 2)
14:00                                       Pitches, Proposals, and Promises (Room 1)

08:00                                       Sharing Worlds (M) (Room 1)
12:00                                       Reading (M) (Room 3)
16:00                                       Hard Fantasy (Room 1)

09:00                                       VIP Panel: Plot Mastery (Room 3)
10:00                                       VIP Panel: Selling Your Novel (Room 3)

15:00                                       Pathfinder Tales Panel

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