Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Crossing the Streams

If you've enjoyed my Pathfinder stories, you'll probably also like my Iron Kingdoms stories, and vice versa. Give me a birthday thrill and pick up one of the ones you haven't seen before.

For example, if you enjoyed Prince of Wolves, may I suggest you try The Devil's Pay? Both involve a mystery with travel through a spooky environment and an unexpected discovery near the end.

And if you enjoyed Dark Convergence, you might dig Queen of Thorns, both of which conclude with a large-scale battle with strange and powerful foes.

In all of my Pathfinder Tales and Skull Island eXpeditions stories, you'll get a heavy shot of humor along with mystery, uncertain alliances, and of course plenty of action. Plus, those who enjoy Varian Jeggare may well sympathize with Sebastian Nemo, and fans of Radovan will get a kick out of Mags Jernigan and pretty much all of Dog Company.

If you check out something new this week and like it, give me a thrill by posting a review on Amazon.

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