Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Queen of Thorns

Cover by Matthias Kollros
©Paizo Publishing, LLC®  
The release of my new Pathfinder Tales novel is about a month away. This one takes the boys to Kyonin, land of the elves.

I've wanted to write a story set in Kyonin since I first saw the description of the country in the Second Darkness Adventure Path. Abandoned for ages since the elves first fled the cataclysm of Earthfall, the place is full of ancient ruins, each with its own mystery. While the story of Queen of Thorns involves a much more personal quest for Count Jeggare, it also serves as a travelogue for anyone who's wondered what lies beneath the canopies of the Fierani Forest.

And did I mention demons? Southern Kyonin is home to a nascent demon lord whose warlocks summon fiends faster than the elves can slay them. Through them, Radovan learns--the hard way--more than he ever wanted to know about his tainted lineage.

One other thing: Unlike Prince of Wolves or Master of Devils, this novel sees the boys work side by side in almost every chapter. The only occasions that separate them this time are the irresistible forces of sex and death.

Look to paizo.com next month for a sample chapter and an all-new prequel story to Queen of Thorns.

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