Thursday, November 10, 2011

Upcoming Events I: Pure Speculation

I’m excited that Pure Speculation, Edmonton’s SF/F convention has moved to new digs in downtown’s Grant MacEwan University. We’re expecting fewer plumbing catastrophes and much better AV equipment. The festivities run from November 18-20.

At 17:00 on Saturday I’ll co-host the “Sounds of Science” panel with musicologist Alex Carpenter. We’ll talk about the effects and influences of SF, fantasy, and horror soundtracks. Come armed with a list of your favorites to discuss.

At 11:40 on Sunday I’ll join Joe Walton, Joe Wos, and Jennifer Kennedy for “Which Book Stays on the Island,” in which the panelists pitch their choices for the best classic SF/F novel. At the end, you decide which book prevails.

At 15:00 on Sunday I’ll read from Master of Devils and chat about shared-world fiction, the challenges of writing in a world designed for a game, and pretty much anything else related to my sordid past as a writer and editor. If you buy me a pint afterward, I might tell you the really sordid stories.

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