Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kung Fu Countdown to Master of Devils

Master of Devils is my next Pathfinder Tales novel. Like Prince of Wolves, its inspiration comes more from cinema than literature. Instead of Universal and Hammer horror movies and films like Tod Browning's Freaks and Christophe Gans' Brotherhood of the Wolf, this time my muse came in the form of Asian action and fantasy films, what we'd call "kung fu" movies.

Starting tomorrow, each Monday I'll describe some of the films that inspired or could have inspired Master of Devils. As August approaches, I'll accelerate the posts and show you where else to look for similar recommendations, like the Gen Con issue of Kobold Quarterly, which will include an overview of kung fu especially for gamers.

Whether or not you've been following the adventures of Radovan and the Count, I hope these posts will inspire you to check out the films. They're huge fun in their own right, and they provide wonderful inspiration for Asian-themed fantasy settings like Paizo's upcoming Jade Regent Adventure Path and this fall's Dragon Empires expansion for the Pathfinder campaign.

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